Control Panels

At VETUS, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of control panels for different bow and stern thruster systems, designed to enhance the safety and convenience of your boating experience. Our control panels are a testament to our commitment to innovation, reliability, and technical expertise, ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Control Panels for DC Thrusters

Our control panels for DC thrusters, specifically the BPSR, BPJR, BPAS, and BPAJ types, are engineered to provide seamless operation. These panels are not only compact and easy to install, fitting snugly into a 52 mm diameter hole, but also waterproof to IP65 standards. A standout feature is the switched outlet with a maximum capacity of 3A, allowing you to connect additional equipment effortlessly. These panels are fully compatible with other VETUS bow thruster panels and feature an intelligent shutdown mechanism that activates after thirty minutes of inactivity, ensuring power conservation and safety.

Type 2 for Bow and Stern Thrusters

Our Type 2 control panels, including EZDOCK2, BPSE2, BPJE2, and BPJDE2, provide enhanced security against accidental or unauthorized operation and circuit overloads. They boast a panel power indicator and warning LEDs, complemented by a buzzer that alerts you in the event of continuous operation for over two minutes. These panels can be interconnected with ease, allowing flexibility in positioning them at your helm. EZDOCK2, in particular, stands out with its unique twin joystick design, combining functionality into one easily operated knob.

Control Panels for BOW PRO Thrusters

For our BOW PRO thrusters, we offer three fully proportional control panels. These panels, operated via our proprietary CAN bus protocol V-CAN, provide precise and safe control over your vessel. Among the options available, one features a lock-and-hold function, enabling you to secure the thrust at your desired speed, simplifying single-handed docking. Additionally, we offer a double control panel with a lock-and-hold function, allowing individual or simultaneous control of the bow and stern thrusters for precise maneuvering.

Control Panels for Retractable Thrusters

Designed to work seamlessly with the V-CAN BUS for retractable thrusters, these panels are IP65 waterproof and equipped with a switched outlet for extra equipment. Safety features include automatic shutdown after 15 minutes of inactivity, complete with a time delay device to enhance your peace of mind.

Control Panels for Hydraulic Bow and Stern Thrusters

Our hydraulic thruster control panels come in two-stage and single-stage variants. The two-stage models offer precise control with five positions, allowing partial power operation and full power engagement. Single-stage controls feature an On-Off mechanism with a time delay for added safety. Additionally, we offer a fully proportional joystick for fine-tuned control when used with proportional valves HT1032 or HT1035.

Electric and Wireless Remote Control

VETUS offers electric remote control, Type RECON, suitable for DC and DC extended runtime bow and stern thrusters, anchor windlasses, and more. It operates with 12 or 24 VDC, has a maximum switching capacity of 6A, and includes a watertight plug and socket.

Our wireless remote control options, WRC and CANVWRC, cater to various needs. WRC is designed for "on-off" devices, while CANVWRC can handle both "on-off" DC devices and VETUS V-CAN devices. These remote controls ensure convenient and safe operation of your boat's essential systems, all within a 10-15 meter range from the receiver.

VETUS control panels exemplify our commitment to innovation and reliability. Whether you require control panels for DC thrusters, BOW PRO thrusters, retractable thrusters, hydraulic thrusters, or remote control solutions, VETUS provides quality products that prioritize your safety and convenience on the water.

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