Power Hydraulics

Power where you need it, for as long as you need it

VETUS hydraulic systems provide an excellent solution for transferring the power of a ‘prime mover’ engine to user devices around the boat, by harnessing the flow of high-pressure fluid moving through flexible hoses or rigid tubes. The prime mover could be a main propulsion engine, the engine of a diesel generator, or a ‘powerpack’ engine dedicated to powering the hydraulic system. A user device is any item or system of mechanical equipment, including bow and stern thrusters, windlasses, capstans, winches, cranes, hatch lifters, roll stabilizers and power steering.

Hydraulic systems are complex, so choosing and installing the right system requires a great deal of expertise; but the results are well worth the effort. A VETUS customer support team member is always available via email to discuss your boat configuration and usage, leveraging this data to recommend hydraulic user devices and central system equipment.

You will receive our recommendations for your Power Hydraulic system within 48 hours of all information being received and finalized. Always bear in mind that it is difficult or impossible in some cases to retrofit a power take-off, so it is therefore recommended to order a power take-off when purchasing an engine or gearbox.

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