Power on Board

Power on board not only has an important role in creating comfortable living conditions, but also plays a vital part in enhancing operational safety. VETUS supplies a wide range of products that will exceed your expectations when it comes to power on board. Whenever you need power, you can rely on VETUS.

VETUS offers the following electrical system components:

Generator sets 

Generator sets are the answer when a high-capacity power supply is needed. All VETUS generators are supplied as standard with a complete exhaust and water intake system and a remote-control panel.


VETUS offers three different types of batteries: The SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and the Deep Cycle marine battery series. These very low self-discharge batteries are designed to live up to the varying seasonal demands on a battery which is used on board.

Battery chargers and splitters

VETUS battery chargers and splitters provide optimum simultaneous charging with lower cost, faster installation time, fewer cables and more space.

Why use VETUS power on board?

  • All VETUS power on board products meet the EMC requirements
  • Exceptionally quiet generators supplied with auto demand start as standard


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