Good ventilation on your boat is crucial in any enclosed areas. Not only will it help to prevent mildew and bad odors, but it can also literally save lives by taking carbon monoxide or petrol fumes out of the boat. When it comes to deciding upon the best ventilation system, VETUS has a wide range of extremely safe and stylish products to choose from, suitable for even the harshest conditions. We at VETUS understand that ventilation isn’t just a hole in your boat: when applied correctly, it can be a breath of fresh air!

There are two types of ventilation systems

1. Natural (passive) ventilation

Consists of vents, cowls and other permanent openings in the boat, designed to let air enter or exit using wind power or the boat’s motion to move the air. Primarily used for living spaces.

2. Power extraction ventilators

Specifically designed to clear fumes from closed compartments. VETUS power extraction ventilators are ignition-protected to prevent sparks and are built to resist overheating and corrosion.

Why choose VETUS ventilation systems?

  • We’re the one-stop shop for a complete range to ensure a healthy onboard climate
  • We put safety first! VETUS solely offers certified, ignition-protected electric fans 
  • VETUS has ventilation products for any compartment, from engine room to sleeping quarters, from mushroom ventilators to extraction ventilators for the engine room
  • VETUS UFO ventilators provide permanent boat ventilation, day and night: they are both rain- and splash-proof, but can also be fully closed against the harshest conditions
  • VETUS cowl ventilators are available in different designs, sizes and materials; the choice is yours!

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