Freshwater Systems

Clean fresh water is life’s number one necessity, so it’s imperative to always have the best quality of water on board. The quality of the components selected for the onboard fresh water system will determine how long the stored water remains safe and potable. VETUS uses sophisticated materials to make sure the water in the tanks remains fresh for a long time.

Why choose a VETUS fresh water system?

  • Our water tanks are made of synthetic material, perfect for fresh water
  • Our tanks can be cleaned easily because of the large inspection cover
  • The tank wall thicknesses vary from 5-8mm
  • We offer complete water pressure systems with integral pump and water pressure control
  • Our electrical components are available for 12 and 24VDC systems
  • Our systems are quick and easy to install
  • Our tanks are available in a wide range of capacities
  • Our tanks completely dispense with the corrosion problems associated with metal tanks

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