Waste Water Systems

Why VETUS waste water systems?

An odorless waste water system is possible: however, you do need to follow some guidelines to bring this about. Below we highlight a few tips. Please visit our website, www.vetus.com, if you require more information.

Tips for an odour-free waste water system:

  1. Hoses: Make sure the outlet hoses are properly installed with a constant fall towards the holding tank. Flush the hoses
    thoroughly with sufficient fresh water every time the toilet is used.
  2. Flushing: Flush your hoses sufficiently. Installing a VETUS electric toilet also helps. These toilets have a powerful macerator pump
    that ensures all waste water is pumped through the hoses at high pressure, so less water is needed to flush them.
  3. Holding tank: Use VETUS holding tanks. The thick walls of our synthetic tanks make them completely odour-proof. The hose connection kit and fittings with watertight seals ensure that no leaks can occur. Empty and rinse the tank regularly. All VETUS waste water tanks are certified according to ISO 8099.
  4. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is the main requirement for an odourless system. It is very important that the tank is well ventilated. Use large-diameter fittings and VETUS hoses for ventilation. Make sure that the hoses are not clogged!
    As an option you can install a No-Smell filter in the ventilation hoses.
  5. TankFresh: A concentrate of completely organic bacteria that break down faeces in the waste water system without emitting any odour. Any well-designed waste water system can function virtually without odour just by using TankFresh.


Why should you choose a VETUS waste water system?

VETUS WWS waste water system:

  • Eeasy to install, low maintenance and space-saving
  • Comes pre-fitted with pump, discharge pipe, breather, inspection lid and ultrasonic sensor
  • Robust and corrosion-free and available in capacities of 42, 61, 88 and 120lt

VETUS EMP 140 waste pump:

  • A powerful diaphragm pump equipped with ‘duck bill’ valves
  • Produces very low noise levels, is self-priming and low maintenance
  • Comes complete with rotatable connectors allowing hose connections from any angle
  • Has a large capacity of 27 litres per minute: suction height 3 metres, discharge height 5 metres

VETUS electric toilets:

  • High-quality soft close and quick release seat / lid, operate at the touch of a button
  • Low maintenance and low water consumption (ECO flush)
  • Very low noise macerator pump, and requires only a 19mm diameter outlet pipe
  • Equipped with porcelain toilet bowl, stainless steel (AISI 316) macerator blades and a non-return valve
  • VETUS electric marine toilets meet the EMC requirements

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