Fuel Systems

Why VETUS fuel systems?

Providing a reliable and efficient fuel system for boats is a VETUS specialty. You won’t have to experience that helpless feeling anymore of an engine unexpectedly stopping at a critical moment. VETUS can provide you with the best products, accessories and tips to keep your engine running smoothly, ensuring your safety, comfort and compliance with good practice and environmental regulations.

Ensuring that your fuel system works effectively

Many people are unaware of the problems that water in fuel can cause. Even a small drop of water can be extremely damaging for the fuel pump, injectors, filters and engine. Water carries dirt, rust and micro-organisms through the narrow pipes into the system; and, when trapped, the water becomes a perfect breeding place, resulting in blockages in the fuel pump and additional wear and tear. Placing a fuel filter/water separator between the tank and the fuel lift pump will prevent damage to the engine and ensure easy starting and smooth running.

Seven reasons why you should choose a VETUS fuel system

  • Our patented full-flow system gives VETUS fuel filters up to five times larger filtering surface
  • Our fuel filters have a ABYC-approved clear bowl
  • Our fuel filters use O-ring sealing for leak-free element replacement
  • Our Splash Stop protects the environment by preventing fuel spillages
  • Our fuel tanks are made from synthetic, corrosion-free material, resulting in less condensation
  • Our fuel tanks are ready for installation, complete with a flange with bolt holes for gauge sender
  • Our Fuel-safe provides complete low cost protection against fuel theft

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