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VETUS BOW PRO Installation Parts

At VETUS, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions for your marine needs. Our BOW PRO Installation Parts category offers a range of products designed to optimize your thruster system. Whether you have a BOW PRO Boosted (BOWB) or a standard BOW PRO (BOWA), we have the components you need to ensure smooth operation and peace of mind.

CAN Bus Wiring Set for BOW PRO Boosted (BOWB)

Our CAN Bus Wiring Set for BOW PRO Boosted (BOWB) is a crucial component for integrating and connecting various parts of your thruster system. It enables seamless communication between different devices, ensuring they work in harmony to provide efficient control and performance.

CAN Terminating Resistor

The CAN Terminating Resistor is a small but essential part that prevents signal reflection and ensures the stability of your CAN bus network. By eliminating signal disturbances, it enhances the reliability of your BOW PRO system.

VETUS Fuse Holder with Protective Cover

Our VETUS Fuse Holder, complete with a protective cover, is designed for 'slow blow' fuses ranging from 40A to 500A. This versatile holder not only safeguards your electrical connections but also provides a convenient storage solution for spare fuses. Encapsulation in glass to prevent fire hazards, it exemplifies our commitment to product quality and safety.

CAN Bus Wiring Set for BOW PRO (BOWA)

For those with the standard BOW PRO system (BOWA), our CAN Bus Wiring Set is tailored to meet your specific requirements. It ensures efficient communication among system components, allowing for precise control of your thruster.

CAN Bus 3-Point Hub and CAN Supply Cable

Our CAN Bus 3-Point Hub and CAN Supply Cable further enhance the connectivity and flexibility of your thruster system. These components enable you to expand your network and add more devices, all while maintaining optimal performance.

'Slow Blow' Type Fuses (200A and 300A)

To protect your thruster, windlass, and other critical components, we offer 'slow blow' type fuses encapsulated in glass. These fuses are specifically designed to prevent fire hazards, providing you with the peace of mind that your system is secure.

VETUS BOW PRO Installation Parts are the embodiment of our values: innovation, reliability, trust, technical expertise, commitment to product quality, and customer support. These products not only offer exceptional benefits to customers by ensuring the efficient and safe operation of their thruster systems but also exemplify the quality and versatility that define the VETUS brand. Trust in VETUS to elevate your marine experience with our top-notch installation parts.

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