Both the VETUS E-Drives (E-LINE and E-POD) and the VETUS BOW PRO proportional thrusters operate using the V-CAN CAN-bus control system. Designed in-house, this system ensures fewer cables through your boat, robust, reliable and flexible control, and easy expandability.

VETUS offers several control and monitoring products for e-drives:

  • Key switch
  • Control levers
  • Displays

Electric Propulsion Control Lever ECO Mode
Combining the built-in features of a neutral safety switch, tactile feedback and ergonomics, with the eye-catching aesthetics and durability of high-grade stainless steel, The ELCS control lever elevates the experience of controlling VETUS electric-propulsion motors E-LINE and E-POD.
The E-LINE and E-POD can be controlled by the ELPS side mounted V-CAN control lever. The panel has a neutral safety switch as standard, which prevents the motor from being started when the control lever is engaged.

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