Custom-made seats

Would you like seats in different colors from the standard versions? Want to stand out from the crowd, or would you like seats that match your boat’s current upholstery? V-Quipment offers the solution: meet our custom-made seat program.

V-Quipment offers 15 colors of marine-grade skai imitation leather in the custom-made seat program. Simply select two or more un-upholstered seats from the custom-made program, pick your color(s), and leave the rest to us! We can even embroider your logo if you wish. For existing boats we can also supply skai by the roll, so the rest of your upholstery can be matched to your new seats. So, whether you just want to change the existing color scheme or are building a new boat, V-Quipment can help! The marine-grade skai imitation leather is maintenance-free, water-resistant and UV-resistant. Available from stock in rolls of 1.37m width and 5m length.


  • Fifteen colors of marine-grade imitation leather
  • Carbon weave or regular finish available
  • Optional embroidered logo

All seats are suitable for the custom-seat program, but the following un-upholstered seats are available from stock: ‘COMMANDER’ (CHCOMU), ‘QUEEN’ (CHFUSQU), ‘KING’ (CHFUSKU), ‘MASTER’ (CHFASU) and ‘PILOT’ (CHSPORTU). V-Quipment un-upholstered seats come with a pattern sheet to facilitate DIY upholstering. Minimum order quantities for custom-made upholstery are two of any seat type. Please inquire for pricing.

PILOT seat, ‘Not upholstered’ Custom made - tailored fit.
QUEEN seat, ‘Not upholstered’
KING SEAT: not upholstered
MASTER helm seat, ‘Not upholstered’
COMMANDER boat seat, ‘Not upholstered’

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