H-Line Engines

Your Path to Efficient Power on the Water

With unparalleled technical expertise and a drive for innovation, we have created the H-Line series: sturdy, reliable and fuel efficient four-cylinder marine diesel engines with indirect fuel injection system for cabin boats, small fishing boats, and larger canal boats.

Available in 2 versions, VH4.65 (65 hp at 3000 rpm) and VH4.80 (80 hp at 4000 rpm), the H-Line takes efficiency to where it matters the most: your engine room.

When reliability meets comfort

VETUS H-Line exemplifies the combination of performance and comfort: the robust construction not only ensures a longer engine lifetime and superior reliability but also enhances comfort onboard with minimal noise and vibration, creating an enjoyable experience time and again

Advanced Engineering Brings Together Superior Efficiency and Performance

Beyond the engineering textbooks: Thanks to their four-cylinder 4-stroke design, featuring an indirect fuel injection system, the H-line engines achieve exceptional fuel efficiency. These engines  deliver impressive power while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum, allowing for longer journeys and reduced operating costs. In addition, counterbalancing shafts contribute to the engines' remarkably low noise and vibration levels, enhancing your onboard experience.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand the uniqueness of each vessel's setup. That's why our H-Line engines can be supplied with a gearbox or sail drive, ensuring seamless integration into your existing ‘around the engine’ system. Moreover, for vessels already equipped with Volvo Penta sail drives, an adaptor kit is available.

Convenience taken seriously

Furthermore, maintenance and routine servicing of an H-line engine is made easy with readily accessible parts and minimized hose connections. The upkeep of an engine has never been this convenient

Elevate Your Journey with VETUS H-Line Marine Diesel Engines

The engine block of a H-line engine encloses our commitment to innovation. From remarkably low noise and vibration levels to rapid battery recharging, a self-bleeding fuel system, not to mention an extremely favorable power-to-weight ratio, an H-Line engine will provide you with that satisfying feeling of confidence you long whenever you plan your day on the water.

Discover new horizons and the true meaning of efficiency; Discover the VETUS H-Line engines.

59 KW (80.3 HP), 4.000 RPM, 4 cilinder engine, 12 V/115 Amps alternator, intercooling. Option: keelcooling. Supplied as standard with instrument panel type MPA22BS25 *) Only available for sale outside the EU, with RCD1 certification.
48 KW (65.3 HP), 3.000 RPM, 4 cilinder engine, 12 V/115 Amps alternator, intercooling. Option: keelcooling. Supplied as standard with instrument panel type MPA22BS2

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