VETUS deluxe thruster panel with push buttons, including time delay

Control panel with high quality coated aluminium cover for VETUS bow and stern thrusters. Waterproof to IP66 from the front.


Thanks to the deluxe design and the high quality coated aluminium front, this new bow or stern thruster panel will be an asset to your dashboard! The panel can be fitted in a 52mm diameter-hole, making installation quick and easy using a standard hole saw. It is backwards-compatible with other VETUS bow thruster panels. That is to say; the connector plug is the same and the panels fit over the existing panel holes. The panel is provided as standard with a switched outlet (max 3A) for switching extra equipment and is waterproof to IP66.
The panel also features:
  • A built-in time delay to prevent thruster damage caused by reversing the direction of rotation too quickly
  • A warning signal with automatic shutdown in the event of continuous running for more than 2 minutes
  • Protection against accidental operation (child lock)
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes inactivity


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