Flexible coupling, type 1330

Optimal vibration damping and easy installation - the best of two models in one design.


This new flexible coupling from VETUS combines the best features of the well-known UNIFLEX and BULLFLEX models at a lower price. The Combiflex coupling has been designed to ensure optimal damping of torsional vibrations, created by cycle irregularities, especially at low revs. The flexible rubber element ensures low-noise, and vibration-free transmission, without backlash between the engine and the propeller shaft. The Combiflex coupling is secured against shearing off, both axially and radially, thus ensuring safe transmission under all circumstances. The Combiflex coupling also provides precise propeller shaft alignment. Perfectly aligning the engine and propeller shaft can be a rather time-consuming affair, but the Combiflex is an invaluable aid to the installation engineer. Even with a misalignment of 2°, the shaft will remain perfectly centered onto the gearbox flange. The parallel clamping hub simplifies installation and, perhaps even more importantly, ensures easy dismantling of the shaft assembly. Unlike tapered clamping hubs, costly machining of the shaft, tapering and keyway-cutting are not required. Just cut the shaft to length, free of burrs, degrease and install. The Combiflex has a 4” flange to fit most common gearbox models. For the most popular Volvo, Yanmar and Kanzaki gearboxes, special adapter flanges are available. Please see price list for the correct types.


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