BOWPRO 320 AC Bow Thruster 320kgf 24-48V


BOW PRO Boosted expands to 300-mm tunnels!

The efficiency of proprietary VETUS motor controllers combined with the latest innovative brushless motors gives you the most powerful BOW PRO thrusters in the 300-mm tunnel range


Boost up your thrust in a 300-mm tunnel! The BOW PRO thruster has not only proven to be a reliable thruster, but is also capable of charging the batteries with an internal charging solution. This innovative solution simplifies the installation. In practice, this means you can connect the BOWB285, BOWB300 or the BOWB320 to a 24-V power supply to recharge the 48-V battery bank with the built-in charger, doubling the value of the BOW PRO on board.


  • 32 0kgf output
  • First three BOWB thrusters for 300-mm tunnels
  • Proportional control
  • V-CAN compatible
  • Energy efficient and long run time
  • No maintenance on the brushless motor
  • Highly efficient, safe and easy to install
  • Intelligent motor controller doubles as a battery charger


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