BOW PRO Boosted Thruster 320 kgf 24/48 V 300 mm Tunnel

The BOW PRO Boosted Thruster 320 kgf 24/48 V 300 mm Tunnel delivers outstanding performance for precise boat maneuvering applicable to both bow and stern. It is equipped with an brushless induction motor and an exclusive built-in DC-to-DC smart charger. Optimized design ensures easy installation, making it suitable for boat sizes from 80 – 105 ft (25 - 32 meter).

The BOWB320 stands as the ideal upgrade for enthusiastic boaters looking to enhance their quality time on the water. With its unparalleled precision and agility for maneuvering both bow and stern movements, this 320 kgf Bow & Stern thruster makes traversing even the trickiest waters without effort.


The BOW PRO Boosted Thruster feature an exclusive built-in DC-to-DC smart charger function, enabling 48 VDC thruster battery banks to be charged by a 24 VDC power supply. This feature utilizes a smart three stage charging process, activating only when the charging source voltage is appropriate, thus preventing depletion of the source like the engine starting bank. It smartly boosts and regulates the input to charge the thruster supply bank, maintaining optimal battery levels. 

The BOW PRO Thruster 320 kgf 24/48 V 300 mm Tunnel features advanced lock and hold controls, which allow operators to set and maintain thrust at any chosen speed with a simple button press, easing the challenge of navigating narrow passages and docking. 

This thruster is mastered by the patented MCV motor controller, a sophisticated system designed to optimize performance. Through the use of the proprietary CANBUS protocol V-CAN, it achieves seamless connectivity, allowing for efficient communication between the thruster and other devices like Control Panels. Featuring a brushless induction motor, it remains maintenance-free while providing an extended runtime. Moreover, the system offers built-in protection against overheating and low battery, further improving its safety and reliability. 

Switching a boat's existing thruster to a BOW PRO thruster is straightforward, as it is engineered to align with the tunnel sizes of both thrusters of VETUS and a wide range of other brands. 

Discover more information about the BOW PRO Boosted Thrusters here.


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