Control Panels for Bow and Stern Thrusters: Enhancing Vessel Maneuverability

When it comes to navigating watercraft with precision and ease, VETUS is a brand /you can trust. Our commitment to product quality, innovation, and technical expertise is exemplified in our range of control panels for bow and stern thrusters. These control panels are designed to provide reliable and efficient operation, allowing boat owners to enjoy a smoother and more controlled boating experience.

Electric Remote Control for Bow and Stern Thrusters: Type RECON

The VETUS Type RECON electric remote control is a versatile solution that can be used for operating both DC and DC extended runtime bow and stern thrusters. Beyond thrusters, it is also compatible with anchor windlasses, remote-controlled gangways, electric cranes, hydraulic steering systems, and more. Crafted with AISI 316 stainless steel, it features a hanger loop for easy installation on the back.

Key Specifications of Type RECON:

- Suitable for 12 or 24 VDC power systems

- Maximum switching capacity of 6A

- Supplied with a three-core spiraled wire of 3.5 meters

- Complete with a watertight plug and socket for added durability

The Type RECON electric remote control exemplifies VETUS' commitment to innovation and product quality, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly experience for boat owners.

Wireless Remote Control: CANVWRC Versions

The CANVWRC is designed to work with "on-off" DC devices and can also be used with VETUS V-CAN devices. This versatility allows boat owners to create custom setups to suit their specific needs.

Key Specifications of CANVWRC:

- Receiver accepts 12 or 24 VDC power supply

- Connections for one or two DC electric or hydraulic thrusters, or for one DC electric or hydraulic thruster and one DC electric or hydraulic windlass

- Supports up to five hand-held remote transmitters for convenience

- Features a detachable antenna and is rated IP40 for dry location use

Hand-Held Remote Control Transmitter Specifications:

- Powered by a 3V battery (CR2032)

- Offers a maximum distance of 10-15 meters to the receiver

- Boasts an IP66 rating, making it resistant to high-pressure water from any direction

In conclusion, VETUS' range of control panels and remote controls for bow and stern thrusters offer boat owners unparalleled convenience, reliability, and technical expertise. With our products, you can navigate your vessel with confidence, knowing you have the best in innovation and quality at your fingertips.


Afstandsbediening 12/24V draadloos
Controle over al je elektrische apparatuur aan boord
Elektrische afstandsbediening voor boeg-/hekschroeven, ankerlieren, loopplanken, hydraulische besturingen etc. Geschikt voor 12/24 Volt.

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