Extended runtime boegschroeven

Designed for boats ranging from 36 to 75 feet, extended run time thrusters offer prolonged operational capabilities, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you're a experienced boater or a beginner, these thrusters are sure to elevate your boating experience.

Extended Run Time Thrusters vs. Standard DC Thrusters

What sets extended run time thrusters apart from their standard DC counterparts? These thrusters are engineered for integrated boat control systems that demand long run times at high power outputs. With the ability to operate continuously for at least 8 minutes without overheating, they outperform traditional thrusters, making them perfect for demanding applications.

Key Features and Benefits

These extended run time thrusters come equipped with several key features that cater to the needs of boat owners and enthusiasts:

  • On-Off, Port-Starboard Controls: The thrusters offer simple and intuitive control, ensuring ease of operation, even for beginners
  • Simple Installation and Retrofit: Installing these thrusters is hassle-free, and they can be easily retrofitted into your boat's existing system
  • Variety of Models: Choose from four different models with power outputs ranging from 209lbf (95kgf) to 485lbf (220kgf), allowing you to select the one that suits your boat's requirements
  • Battery-Powered: These thrusters are powered by a 24V battery, ensuring efficiency and reliability
  • Extended Run Time: Enjoy a continuous run time of 4-8 minutes or combined within one hour
  • Motor Technology: The thrusters utilize direct current motors with series wound carbon brushes, ensuring durability and performance.
Innovation and Quality in Every Detail

VETUS values innovation, reliability, and technical expertise. Our extended run time thrusters incorporate cutting-edge technology to enhance your boating experience. From a single propeller design that minimizes flow disturbance, a unique propeller blade design to reduce cavitation noise, to spiral gears that minimize transmission noise, these thrusters offer a smooth and quiet operation.

Extended runtime boegschroeven kunnen minimaal 7 minuten draaien.
De extended runtime boegschroef kan continu draaien voor ten minste 7 minuten.
Extended runtime boegschroeven kunnen continu draaien, minstens 7 minuten.
Extended runtime boegschroeven kunnen continu draaien, minstens 7 minuten lang.

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