Introducing the RIMDRIVE, a pioneering advancement in marine propulsion that combines innovation, reliability, and technical expertise to deliver exceptional performance. What sets the RIMDRIVE apart is its unique design that ensures whisper-quiet operation, setting a new standard for marine thrusters. Unlike traditional setups, the propeller itself serves as the rotating part of the electric motor (rotor), with the fixed winding (stator) housed in the tunnel. This ingenious construction eliminates the need for gears, further enhancing its unparalleled quiet operation. Notably, a protective ring encircling the propeller prevents cavitation, enhancing its efficiency and lifespan.


RIMDRIVE Thrusters: RD125 and RD160 Models

Delivering 125 and 160 kgf respectively, these thrusters use a 48 VDC supply voltage. The integration of proportional control via V-CAN technology provides precision and ease of operation. Moreover, the thrusters' runtime is virtually limitless, limited only by the supply bank. Their installation is effortless, offering convenience and practicality.

Exemplary Silence and Beyond

The hallmark of the RIMDRIVE is its extraordinary silence during operation. By using a permanent magnet induction motor and eliminating gears, the RIMDRIVE ensures a new benchmark for noise reduction. The stator's integration into the tunnel, along with the protective ring around the propeller, adds to its impressive quietness with a virtually cavitation-free propeller.

Furthermore, the RIMDRIVE's adaptability is showcased by its compatibility with various boat types, including aluminum, steel, and GRP vessels.

Innovatief, superstil, 160 kgf.

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