Elektrische voorstuwing bedieningshendel zij-montage paneel, V-CAN

The E-LINE and E-POD are controlled by the ELPS side mounted V-CAN control lever. The panel has a neutral safety switch as standard, which prevents the motor from being started when the propulsion thrust is engaged.


This control lever enables three propulsion control modes; NORMAL, ECO and POWER mode. By pressing the ECO mode the maximum output power of the e-drive is limited. When in ECO the POWER mode is not available. Switching off the ECO mode, the e-drive is in NORMAL mode. Pressing the POWER button unleashes the electric peak power kick for those fast manoeuvres. Specifications
  • Start/Stop Command button with LED status indication
  • ECO mode latching button for increased range
  • POWER (PWR) mode button to unleash full electric power
  • LED and audible indication on e-drive status
  • Safe and easy proportional control of your vessel
  • High quality materials
  • Stylish designed aluminium bezel 61/16” x 315/16” (154 x 100 mm)
  • Waterproof IP65 when mounted
  • V-CAN CANBUS protocol certified
  • Twin connector for multiple stations

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